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Property Development is a complex process of coordination and transformation of ideas, into a physical reality. From a business point of view, it involves funding, uplifting, or changing a land or building with the overall goal of generating a profit.

However, it involves much more than construction, which is a single facet in within the property development process. The Property Development process involves:

  • Initiation, feasibility, and evaluation
  • Land and property acquisition
  • Design and approvals
  • Construction
  • Management
  • And in some cases, disposal.

We’re here to help

REGERA can assist with the entire process, having access to funding channels, an experienced project management team and a highly skilled network of consultants.

Deciding whether to proceed with a property development is important. That’s where we step in to assist with the decision-making process. Our team will evaluate the market, financially appraise the proposed development, and highlight the constraints, risks, and potential profit.

Our experience and expertise have helped deliver projects valued from $500k to $20M+, Specialising in:

  • Construction & Project Management
  • Design & Construct
  • Design Development
  • Tendered & Negotiated Works
  • Government & Infrastructure

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